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Type of waste

The Waste Treatment at Golden DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Group provides from transportation, incineration and landfill. The process combines appropriate waste management with ensured traceability that enables customers to avoid the risk of illegal disposal and improper treatment.

Acid Waste

Aerosol Can

Alkaline Waste


Battery Waste

Blasting Waste

Bleaching Earth

Burning Residue

Catalyst Waste

Consumer Goods


Contaminated Material

Coolant Waste


Drilling Cutting/ Mud

Electronic Waste

Expired Material

Electroplating Waste

Fly Ash & Bottom Ash


Incinerator Ash

Industrial cleaning residue

Infectious Waste

Ink and Dye waste

Laboratory Waste

Lamp Waste

Oil Waste

Oxidizer waste

Painting Waste

Pesticide Waste

Pharmacy Waste

Polymer/ Resin Waste

Rejected material/ product

Slag from metal smelter

Sludge oil

Sludge production

Sludge WWT

Solvent Waste

Used Packaging

Waste Water

Wet Battery Waste


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Yangon Region, Myanmar.