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Long story short

GOLDEN DOWA ECO-SYSTEM MYANMAR is the first waste management facility by private company in Myanmar established in Thilawa Special Economic Zone where is developed as international standard industrial zone .

We think proper waste management and environmental conservation is important for sustainable economic growth and industrial development.

We want to provide our service for not only for Thilawa SEZ, but also for another domestic area and industry in Myanmar.

Our service includes transportation, pre-treatment, recycling, and final disposal.

Experience of DOWA

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM began operations as a mining and smelting company in 1884. By combining know-how in operation and concentration with its smelting technologies, infrastructure and transport network, DOWA ECO-SYSTEM has been able to successfully transform its core business away from mining and smelting to environmental business.

Disclosure of Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) report

Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure was issued in December, 2015 in Myanmar.



36 Million USD


17 December, 2014 (310 FC of 2014-2015 TSEZ)

Share Holder



Around 40 persons

Our Mission

To build and sustain GOLDEN DOWA ECO-SYSTEM MYANMAR CO., LTD.which enables us to provide value-added environmental services with our customers. Based on up-to-date technologies, we promote proper waste treatments for the people in Myanmar

Our Team

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Hideki Yomo

Managing Director


Lot No.E1 Thilawa SEZ Zone A ,
Yangon Region, Myanmar.